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[Sun 14:22] <gorgos> sup?
[Sat 08:12] <Jason>  [Angel]meuh
[Mon 00:46] <Macrophage> All boards are gone?
[Mon 00:41] <Macrophage> All boards are gone?
[Fri 05:41] <Teclo>  Cheesy
[Fri 05:40] <Teclo> meuh eidos
[Wed 17:39] <eidos> meuh
[Fri 22:26] <Guest-nw3v08> it's been a while, but heyas :)
[Mon 15:32] <Teclo> RTB is on this month,all accounts are open so log in with your old UO account and take a look
[Wed 05:18] <Teclo>  Angel
[Wed 05:18] <Teclo> meuh?
[Sat 03:03] <Thor> yes we miss you lotsss!!
[Sat 03:02] <Thor> yes we miss you lotsss!!
[Sat 15:01] <Morph> Pyros, nexus and gandie we miss you  Love
[Thu 22:39] <Gandie> Might actually apply for a job there when i finish my master next year! Got a lot of experience in the game engine they choose Grin, would be awesome to program a game like that
[Thu 22:37] <Gandie> Im pretty excited about the server structure and play modes! that is innovative!
[Wed 13:11] <Nexus> but listening to him on video blogs etc makes me realize that uo havent had a good innovative game designer in many years - imagine what a person like Richard Garriot could achieve if he bought up up UO and made like 5-10 fundamental + innovative changes.
[Wed 13:08] <Nexus> as a game design genious that he is - this project sound very inspiring... expecially as he will have 100% control (no publisher)... It will be very interesting to see how the isometric worldmap in combination with 1st person instances will do - quite innovative!
[Sun 14:58] <Gandie> UO2 ? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/portalarium/shroud-of-the-avatar-forsaken-virtues-0?ref=live
[Thu 00:28] <Gandie> Would love to fool around a bit, bit simply does not have the time at the moment!  Angry
[Wed 11:08] <Teclo> time to reactive gandie? alot of old names recently showed up in sosaria
[Sun 21:38] <Gandie> *You see Gandie lurking around*
[Sat 15:27] <Morph>  Love
[Sat 15:24] <Morph> hail sir thor
[Sat 15:22] <ipslore> big man thor hehe