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New Content

War of Shadows

  • Factions cities will come under attack in Trammel by the forces of the Shadowlords
  • Capturing a town sigil in Felucca allows the Trammel city to be invaded
    • Sigil must be captured by Chaos (Shadowlords or Minax)
    • Up to three towns can be invaded at a time
    • Additional sigil captures will queue those cities for attack, but will not occur until another city’s invasion ends
  • A city’s guard zones will disappear in Trammel when invaded, becoming a warzone
  • All Felucca faction cities will have their guard zones will be removed, becoming warzones
  • Affected cities for the invasion:
    • Britain
    • Skara Brae
    • Magincia
    • Minoc
    • Moonglow
    • Trinsic
    • Vesper
    • Yew
  • Players logging into a town under invasion will be relocated to Jhelom
    • Teleportation attempts into danger zones will be rerouted to Jhelom when possible
  • Invading forces comprised of three types
    • Shadowlord allied monsters (new alliances, beyond just daemons)
      • Britain: Dragons
      • Skara Brae: Elementals
      • Magincia: Undead
      • Minoc: Plague
      • Moonglow: Void
      • Trinsic: Orcs
      • Vesper: Rogue Ophidians
      • Yew: Daemons
    • Army of Shadows (Humans and Elves)
      • Ranking and promotion system similar to the Ophidian Invasion
      • Four basic types
        • Warrior
        • Ranger
        • Mage
        • Healer
      • Ranks
        • Recruit
        • Scout
        • Corporal
        • Lieutenant
        • Captain
        • General
    • Corrupted townspeople
      • Hatred
        • NPCs aggressively attack players and other NPCs
      • Falsehood
        • NPCs attempt to steal from players
        • Each NPC can only steal one item, normal theft checks apply
        • Item is returned to the player if the NPC dies or is purified when the invasion ends (player must be in the city)
      • Cowardice
        • NPCs flee from players
  • Invasion of a town ends when the sigil is recaptured by Order (TB or CoM), or the local invasion is completely defeated
  • Loot
    • All invasion monsters and army members drop faction silver
      • 1 to 5 normally, up to 25 for special mobs like the Shadow Knight
      • Silver is multiplied by rank within the army
      • Rare bonuses possible
    • All invasion monsters have at least double the normal loot
    • Army members drop special weapons and spellbooks with properties based on their rank
    • Army members drop exceptional loot at higher ranks
  • Crimson Dragons introduced as allies to the Shadowlords, appear as the final stage in the invasion. Shares similar loot to “The Six,” such as Myxkion
  • Platinum Dragons introduced as allies to Britannia, enemies of the Crimsons
    • Both dragon races are intelligent, and cause all dragons to go wild in their presence
  • Siege Perilous and Mugen will have all the content available, but will have the invasion proceed in Felucca


  • Added new equippables and consumables
  • Added a community collection chest inside each stronghold to collect silver, and give faction equippables and consumables as rewards
    • Donated silver will be tied to the faction system at a later date
  • Sigil corruption time dropped to 2 hours
  • Faction Thieves will now receive 100 silver and 10 kill points for successfully capturing a town sigil
    • Sigil must complete full circuit of corruption: from town pedestal, to stronghold, back to town pedestal
    • Interruptions will not count against the original thief, as long as the original thief’s faction finishes the corruption process
    • Thieves must be online to receive their reward
  • Killing faction enemies inside warzones results in bonus kill-points and silver


Focus Group: The Council of War
Jeremy Dalberg
07 May 2008 16:24:46

As the conflict heats up in Britannia, we’re looking for a few players to join a Focus Group to test the final portions of this event arc.  We’re looking for the following types of people:

- Players who are familiar with large-scale, high-end PvM – paragons, champ spawns, previous event invasions, any and all of the above.

- Players with significant PvP – specifically Faction – experience

- Roleplayers – those of you who have been diligently following the storyline and can put your hand on all the loose threads with a moment’s notice :)

Please keep in mind that being in this focus group means that you will see spoilers about the event content, and being a part of it means you are willing to agree to keep those spoilers to yourself.

To apply, send an email to jdalberg AT ea DOT com with the following:

-        Subject Line: Council of War Focus Group

-        Real Name:

-        Account Name(s)

-        System Spec

-     Handle (if you post on public forums - Stratics, etc - let me know who you are!)

-        Why should you be a part of this focus group?  (See above for the sort of experience we’re looking for – give details!)

If you are selected, you will receive an email that contains the information you need to get on the internal forums.  Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we will be choosing applicants who have a wide range of playstyles and experiences.

Here are the notes for the upcoming publish 52:


In order to promote accessibility and invigorate Factions, we’ve made several changes and fixed some bugs. Additionally, Factions will play an important role in the Warriors of Destiny plot arc.
  • Faction size limit and load balancer removed: individual factions can grow to any size. Previously capped at 200.
  • Multiple characters from the same account may join the same faction
  • An account cannot have characters in different factions on the same shard
  • Removed 30 day character age requirement
  • “Young” players cannot join factions
  • “Young” players will be removed from guilds that join factions
  • One vote in faction elections per account
  • Only one character per account may run in the elections
  • Quit time reduced from 7 days to 3 days
House Placement Changes

This publish implements several changes to prevent house placement exploits.
  • 15 day character age requirement to place or trade a house
  • Water barrels/magic fields/etc will no longer block house placement
  • When a house is placed on top of a moongate, the placer will get a message about placement being blocked, and the moongate will be destroyed (at both ends.)
      IDOC behavior (houses that collapse through decay)
    • When an IDOC drops, housing cannot be placed on the lot for a random amount of time
    • Items that drop from the IDOC will have protections against scripted looting
  • House placement tool will have a cooldown if used too many times in a given time period
  • Must now wait one hour after building a home before demolishing it (previously 15 minutes)

Spring Cleaning 2008

Ah, how time flies. Spring has come once again to Britannia, but the sweet smell of blossoming flowers outside our homes can’t belie the memories of battles fought long so very long ago. Or is that the chest overflowing with Ophidian weapons in the corner? Or maybe it’s the bag of cursed artifacts hidden upstairs?

Time to cleanup, Britannia!
  • Publish 52 institutes the first round of Spring Cleaning collections and rewards
  • Four NPCs around the world collect items in exchange for tickets
  • The tickets can be redeemed for rewards in a new community collection

    (see reward and turn-in points here,  link:

    • Descriptions:
      • Shirts
        • Comes with one phrase of choice
        • Blessed
        • Dyable
      • Nocturne Earrings
        • Grayish silver
        • Night Sight
      • RBG Sashes
        • “Royal Britannia Guard”
        • One color per Virtue/Town
        • Blessed
      • Scroll of Alacrity
        • Increase skill gain for 15 minutes in the scroll’s skill
        • Skill is randomly set once redeemed from the collection
      • Sherry the Mouse Statue
        • Larger than life statue of Sherry, in marble
        • Will be hooked into the Town Crier system in Publish 53
      • Snake Skin Boots
        • Random snake skin hue
        • +2% Poison Resist
      • Knight’s Armor
        • White
        • Each piece has 7% resists, +1 HP
        • Total: 42% resists, +6HP as a set of 6 items
        • Cannot be enhanced
    • Turn-Ins
      • Makiko the Samurai
        • Turnins:
          • Ophidian Journals
          • Ophidian Orders
        • Zento, Rokuon Cultural Center, 1st Floor
      • Lozat the Numismatist
        • Turnins:
          • Copper Shilling
          • Silver Crown
          • Gold Sovereign
        • Britain (Trammel), East Britain Bank
      • Calaid the Soldier
        • Turnins:
          • Ophidian Rations
          • Slippery Snake Skins
        • Britain (Trammel), North guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
        • Siege: Guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank
      • Onoe the Soldier
        • Turnins:
          • Cursed Artifacts
          • Magincia Rubble
          • Planesword
          • Planeshield
          • Staff of Pyros
          • Vorpal Blade
          • Magical Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic)
          • Ophidian Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic)
          • Berserker’s Scythe
          • Ophidian Berserker’s Bardiche
          • Invalis’s Burchete
        • Britain (Trammel), South guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
        • Siege: Guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank
      • Community collection box
        • Located with Onoe the Soldier

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where players that use the Basket of Herbs could lose 20 points of cooking when the effect wears off instead of 10 points of cooking.
    • Explosion potion should no longer go off and reveal the player if the player is in no play mode (character transfer).
    • Pet release gump should now closed the moment a player is in no play mode during a character transfer.
    • Players should no longer be able to stable pets while a pet trade gump is open.
    • Spellweaving: Essence of Wind. Casting Speed and SSI debuff potency have been flip flopped
    • Fixed an issue with Ronin not being able to access secures in their own houses if permissions were set to "guild"
    • The Curse spell should no longer sometimes last past its intended duration
    • When a monster casts Curse on players the icon should now show in the buff icon tool bar
    • Fixed bugs where Paroxymus's swamp dragon can despawn if it is killed
      • Fixes the 2 rare mounts obtained from peerless mobs.
      • Will no longer be marked as a summoned pet.
      • Will no longer be deleted by other monsters special moves.
    • Fixed a bug where some "Sacks of Flour" could not be used as a cooking ingredient
    • Players guarded by pets that are attacked via the Paralyze spell in a guard zone will no longer get guardwhacked
    • Flattened the ground to remove pit in Moonglow, on tram/fel.
    • Players who transfer to a shard from another will no longer start in Magincia.
    • Fixed a bug with the weight of stacks of bola balls being incorrect
    • Small stacks of ore should no longer get stuck in "This object is in use" mode
    • Runic fishing poles made with Oak will not return values of 0 any longer
    • Commas can now be seen in checks (instead of 1000000, you will see 1,000,000)
Wraiths will be hosting another harrover saturday the 3rd november,so make sure to stay home that day to participate in the fun!
We'll be spawning it at 8PM UK time.

Gates will be provided from the Britain bank by Ashkan.

Magnicia will be attacked this Halloween on all production shards soon, so lets gather and defend the city of Council of Mages, as alot of us have been in that faction forever (when it was active)

Cheers from Gandie!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our annual testing cycle for our Halloween events! Over the years we’ve had many an opportunity to capture your sweet tooths with tantalizing treats and shiver your spines with terrifying tricks, but this year, ah this year – we have something special indeed.

There will be an invasion, of course, and tricks and treats and all things between. There will be a Shard of the Dead, and live events on your own home shards. But beyond that, we’ve prepared something that will shake the foundations of Britannia to the very core. Hyperbole aside, we will place in your hands a task of momentous importance: one to lose at your shard’s peril.

But enough with words. Let the testing commence! Allow me to describe our initial slate of activities:

  • “TC1” will be immediately renamed to “Halloween 2007” and published with our initial testing materials
  • Daemon Invasion of Magincia
      Travel to Magincia by Moongate and other magical means will be disabled
      Players logging back into Magincia for the first time since the publish will be teleported to safety in Trinsic
      Travel to Magincia will only be available by ship, or by “sailing” with the military at the Trinsic docks to aid in the advancing invasion
      New monsters, new rewards
      There will not be a client publish until next week, please do not report “Cliloc” errors when text is missing
      There may be higher than usual lag in Magincia for the duration of our tests.

    Count Draconula will be making appearances throughout the testing period, and also providing more information as testing advances.

  • “Velcome!” – Count Draconula

    [W]'s Last Man Standing Event!

    Okay, this Sunday, the 9th sep, I will open my new Public Yew Inn with a few Last Man Standing competitions! there will be 100.k for the winner at the first 4 "trial rounds" and then we will finish of with a 5th round and a better reward then 100.k [Tard]
    (so don't come if you are looking for l33t prices, but for the fun)

    Rules for last man standing:
    No pets allowed in fights
    Max 5 pots per person! (looting of these allowed under fight)
    No hiding/stealthing
    No fields
    No summons of any kind
    Don't heal mates or other in fight!
    (everyone shall flag a blue horse before fights start, so you wont get counts, if u count a player u will be banned from the public inn)

    Place: look at image
    Time. This Sunday at 19:00 GMT!

    The yew public inn will in the future be a place for the fel community to hang out, talk about what ever you want, and a palce for newlings in fel to get tips for skills amour, tactics and such!

    I hope to see some of you on sunday

    /Gandie of W

    Additional information